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Client List      

" The energy he unleashed will forever change this organization." -General Motors-CPC


Alberta Ag Leaders Challenge
Ass'n of Community Colleges
Achievers Cda. (R)
Agricultural Circulation Managers Ass'n.
Amer. & Can. Rental Ass'ns.
AT&T (R)
Amway (R)
Associated Clubs of America (50+)
Ass'n. for Systems Mgmnt.
Ass'n. of Cdn. Clubs (50+)
Ass'n. of Ind. Metallizers, Coaters & Laminators
Atomic Energy (R)
Bell Canada (R)
Bell Northern Research (25+)
Boots Drugs (R)
British American Bank Notes (R)
Building Service Contractors Ass'n. International
Calgary Volunteer Centre
Cambrian College
Cdn. Employee Relocation Council (R)
Cdn. Grocery Products Distributors
Cdn. Gymnastics Ass'n. (R)
Cdn. Insolvency Ass'n.
Cdn. Institute of Bankers
Cdn. Institute of Custom House Brokers
Cdn. Micrographic Society
Cdn. Office Products Ass'n.
Cdn. Parks & Recreation
Cdn. Police College (R)
Cdn. Propane Ass'n.
Cdn. Real Estate Ass'n. (R)
Cdn. Tire Corp.
Cdn. Urban Transit Ass'n.
Canvin Products Limited
Cardkey Systems
Central Motgage and Housing
Certified Management Acc'ts
Chambers of Commerce (10+)
Charlotte Sales & Marketing Execs
Ciba-Geigy (R)
Cigna Insurance Co.
City of L. A. Airport Police
City of Nepean
City of Ottawa
Columbus Sales Executives
Commercial Travellers Ass'n.
Comptroller General Office(R)
Concordia University (R)
Co-Operators Data (R)
Creditel (R)
Credit Granters' Ass'n.
Credit Union Leagues (40+)
Davidson Partners Limited
Denver Executive Club
Design Council
Diet Centers
Digital Equipment
Dunwoody Partners (R)
Electronic Computing: Health Oriented (ECHO)
enRoute Travel Card
External Affairs (R)
Farm Credit Corporation (R)
Fisher Scientific
Forest Products Accident Prevention Ass'n.
G.H. Ward & Partners
General Foods - Coffee Division
General Motors (R)
Glengarry Transport Limited
Gov't of Alberta (R)
Gov't of Bermuda
Gov't of Korea
Gov't of Philippines
Graphic Arts Ass'n.
Great-West Life
Grocery Products Manufacturers Ass'n.
GWG Inc. (now Levi-Strauss)
Health & Welfare Canada


IBM International & IBM Corporation (200+)
IBM Jamaica (R)
Industrial Accident Prevention Ass'n
Industry, Trade & Commerce) (25+)
Imperial Life Assurance
Institute of Chartered Accountants
International Ass'n of Business Communicators
Jaycees International
Junior Achievers
Kiwanis Club of Cda.
Labour Canada
Lakeshore School Board
Life of Georgia
Livingston International(R)
Loyal American Life Insurance
MAATP (Managing Agricultural Technology)
Maritime Life (R)
Massachusetts Cooperative Bank League
Mechanical Contractors Ass'n. (USA & Canada)
McLain Grocery
Microhybrid Technology Ass'n
Miles Laboratories (R)
Montana School Board Ass'n.
Municipal Electric Ass'n.
Mutual Life Assurance Co.
National Ass'n. of Electrical Distributors (R)
Nat. Credit Union Management Ass'n.
National Defence
National Farmers'Union
National Secretaries Ass'n.
National Video
Nesbitt-Thomson-Deacon Inc.
New Brunswick Hospital Ass'n.
Norwood Realty Inc.
Nutrasweet Co. (R)
ONCOR International
Ontario Ass'n. of School Business Officials
Ontario Dept. of Citizenship
Ontario Weekly Newspapers
Oshawa & District Real Estate Board
Ottawa Real Estate Board
Pansophic Systems, Inc. (R)
Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (R)
Prime Computer (R)
PEI Civil Service Commission
Produce Manufacturers Ass'n
Prudential Insurance Co. of America(R)
Ramada Inns, Inc. (R)
Record Management Ass'n. (R) (Amer.& Cdn.)
Royal Canadian Mounted Police RCMP (100+)
Royal-Lepage Realty
S & H Motivation
Saskatchewan Technical Institute (SIAST) (R)
Saskatchewan Mining Ass'n.
Saskatchewan Urban Municipal Ass'n. (SUMA)
Saskatchewan Property Management Corporation
Saskatchewan Safety Engineers
Saskatchewan Wheat Pool
Saskatoon Co-o- Agricultural Products
Sheridan College
Sir Wilfred Laurier University
SE Conference of Dental Laboratories
Sullivan, Ward, Bone, et al
TAPPI (Tech. Assoc. of the Pulp & Paper Industry)
Texas A & I
Town of Mount Royal
Transport Canada (R)
University of Ottawa (R)
University of St. Paul (R)
Uranerz Mining and Exploration
Wampole Inc.